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Abundant Fiery.gif


the mix of a degen and a gent/
in my own mould/

in all of our own moulds/

kind, but with a streak of craziness/

the collections’ traits will be a culmination of/

generative, glitch and stencil art/

with 650+ unique traits, could be/

the largest of its kind till date/


Degenerates or gentlemen, a paradox to explore,

Their actions, a study of glitches at the core.

Generative patterns, they weave with art,

A world they create, a world set apart/

Stencil art etched with the finest of care,

These men of contradictions, so rare.

Potions they mix with the utmost of skill,

A world of their making, a world to thrill/


Briefcases held tightly, secrets within,

Mysteries unsolved, but they wear a grin.

Degenerates or gentlemen, who can say?

A code they follow, a path to stray/

The lines between them blur and fade,

A contradiction that we can't evade.

Degenerates or gentlemen, who's to know?

A secret society, a world to show/

dg #1024.gif

Their ways may be strange, their motives unclear,

But their creativity we can't help but revere.

Degenerates or gentlemen, a mystery untold,

A world of their making, a story to unfold/


is to "experience"/

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